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All orders received before December 15 should arrive before Christmas.
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What Makes Us and Our Products at KC3D Designs Different?

You may think that one 3D crystal is very much like any other, but it’s simply not true! Take a look at the two images below, you can clearly see the difference between our design and a competitors. Our 3D process is the best on the market as you will see for yourself.

Our in-house artists work hard to create a masterpieces – the results are 3D crystals with superior contrast between the light and dark areas, the best ‘pop’ effect to make your image stand out and the highest level of clarity in the details – a true work-of-art that will last for generations!

On the Left: An Example of Our Masterful 3D Crystal Work – Best in the World!

With years of experience, the attention to detail and the craftsmanship makes our products stand out from the rest. We take pride in our designs and our customers love us for it.

On the Right: Look at Our Competitors 3D Work – Lacks Clarity and Definition

Of course there are other companies that create 3D crystals but in our honest opinion, from years of experience in the business, they just don’t get it right. No disrespect but we are the best in the world at what we do – creating 3D Crystals – and we are proud to give our customers what they deserve – the best!

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